Project Alibunar

About the project



The Alibunar Wind Farm will be built on arable land in the cadastral municipalities Alibunar and Vladimirovac, on the left side of the IB No10 state road. The location was chosen on the basis of detailed analysis of the wind and the relief of the terrain.

The Alibunar Wind Farm will consist of 21 wind turbines, each with a nominal power of 2.0 MW, that will develop their maximum output at a wind speed of 11m/s. Under optimal conditions the total installed power is 42.0 MW.

Wind turbines will be identical and placed with the minimum spacing of 400 metres, in three rows of seven.

Underground 33kV cables are planned to connect the turbines to the medium voltage network at a 33kV station and through a  33/110kV transformer specially built for the wind farm.

The following installations will be located at the wind farm:

Distribution station with control building,  33/110 kV transformer station, medium voltage 33kV and control building, distribution station for the farm’s own power.

Alibunar Wind Farm was issued a location permit in 2013 by a decision of the Provincial Secretariat for Urbanism, Construction and Environmental Protection. The energy permit was issued by the Ministry for Energy and Environmental Protection the same year, as was a decision of the responsible provincial secretariat on adoption of the environmental impact assessment. The building permit was obtained in the middle of 2014, followed by several important permits regulating the construction of access roads and traffic connections.

In February 2015 the 42MW Alibunar wind power station received temporary status as a privileged electrical power producer after providing the legally required bank guarantee to the Ministry of Mining and Energy.

We are now in the final phase of obtaining a building permit for the distribution station and transmission line that will connect the wind farm to the grid, after signing a contract on collaboration with the transmission operator JP Elektromreža Srbije.