About the project

Welcome to the Alibunar Wind Farm web presentation!.

Its aim is to present Alibunar WF (42 MW) to the publicity during the development, building and operation.

Here you can learn everything about the project, the permits obtained, the investor (the Belgium company Elicio), necessary environmental protection measures and documents.

 Photographs and videos of the most important events can also be found here.

In addition to presenting our project, the main objective of this website is to establish interactive communication with all interested parties, especially with  the population of the municipality of Alibunar where we plan to build the Alibunar WF. As we operate in a multinational community this website is available in Serbian, Romanian and English, and there are several ways you can get in touch with us.

Latest news

  • Construction of Alibunar Wind Farm Advancing

    After poor weather conditions at the end of March,

  • Elicio at the International Investment and Energy Days

    Elicio NV Managing Director Ludo Vandervelden presented the Alibunar

  • First Alibunar Turbine Installed

    Installation of the first of 21 wind turbines at